Racing History

Western Renegade non-wing Sprint Car Series was established in 2020. The goal was to create a Premier Class for the average working men and women of North Dakota with a economically based, fast, and family friendly style to help everyone enjoy the sport we all love. 

Below is a list of Tracks, All-Time Winners list, and Yearly . 

Tracks W.R.S.S has appeared at to date

Devils Lake Speedway Doyon, ND 41 Events held

Mclean County Speedway Underwood, ND 15 Events held

Nodak Speedway Minot, ND 10 Events held

River Cities Speedway Grand Forks, ND 7 Events held

Southwest Speedway Dickinson, ND 3 Events held

Dacotah Speedway Mandan, ND 2 Events held

Buffalo River Speedway Glyndon, MN 2 Events held

Williston Basin Speedway Williston, ND 1 Event

All-Time Wins List

Adam Sobolik Grand Forks, ND        21 Wins
Myles Tomlinson Turtle Lake, ND       12 Wins
Dusty Lawson Minot, ND                    11 Wins
Brandon Palm Portland, ND                 7 Wins
Joel Larson Fertile, MN                        6 Wins
Stan Tomlinson Turtle Lake, ND           4 Wins
Ken Hron Grand Rapids, MN                4 Wins
Ross Cummings Minot, ND                   3 Wins
Nick DaRanco Britt, MN                        3 Wins
Mike Mueller Schafer, MN                    2 Wins
Zach Olson Grand Rapids, MN            1 Win
Dennis Knutson Williston, ND              1 Win
Eric Guyot Fanneystelle, MB, CAN      1 Win
Caley Emerson Grand Rapids, MN       1 Win
Rob Caho Jr. Rush City, MN                  1 Win
Zach Hultstrand Bismarck, ND              1 Win
Jack Berger Lake Elmo, MN                  1 Win
Jon Lewerer Andover, MN                     1 Win

Yearly Award Winners

Renegade of the Year

2021 - Adam Sobolik Grand Forks, ND

2020 - Dusty Lawson Minot, ND

Rookie of the Year

2021 - Steve Nordrum Devils Lake, ND

2020 - Adam Sobolik Grand Forks, ND

Pass Master 

2021 - Adam Sobolik Grand Forks, ND

2020 - Joel Larson Fertile, MN

Iron Man Award

2021 - Cory Palm Bismarck, ND

         - Doug McCambridge, Park River, ND  

2020 - Joel Larson Fertile, MN

Most Improved Driver

2022 - Cory Palm Bismarck, ND