Racing History

Western Renegade non-wing Sprint Car Series was established in 2020. The goal was to create a Premier Class for the average working men and women of North Dakota with a economically based, fast, and family friendly style to help everyone enjoy the sport we all love. 

Below is a list of Tracks, All-Time Winners list, and Yearly . 

Tracks W.R.S.S has appeared at to date

Devils Lake Speedway Doyon, ND 20 Events held

Nodak Speedway Minot, ND 3 Events held

Mclean County Speedway Underwood, ND 4 Events held

Southwest Speedway Dickinson, ND 3 Events held

Dacotah Speedway Mandan, ND 1 Event held

River Cities Speedway Grand Forks, ND 2 Events held

All-Time Wins List

Dusty Lawson Minot, ND                      6 Wins
Brandon Palm Portland, ND                5 Wins
Joel Larson Fertile, MN                         4 Wins
Myles Tomlinson Turtle Lake, ND        4 Wins
Adam Sobolik Grand Forks, ND           4 Wins
Stan Tomlinson Turtle Lake, ND           3 Wins
Caley Emerson Grand Rapids, MN       1 Win
Ross Cummings Minot, ND                   1 Win
Rob Caho Jr. Rush City, MN                  1 Win
Zach Hultstrand Bismarck, ND              1 Win
Jack Berger Lake Elmo, MN                  1 Win
Ken Hron Grand Rapids, MN                1 Win
Jon Lewerer Annover, MN                     1 Win

Yearly Award Winners

Renegade of the Year

2020 - Dusty Lawson Minot, ND

Rookie of the Year

2020 - Adam Sobolik Grand Forks, ND

Pass Master 

2020 - Joel Larson Fertile, MN

Iron Man Award

2020 - Joel Larson Fertile, MN